‘Bhagavad Gita’~ My Grandmom in all my childhood days and even now sometimes ask me to read out the ‘Song of God’ which is the literal meaning of Bhagavad Gita. At that point of a lifetime, I had no sense of why she wants me to do but now at the age of 22, I completely understand what she always wanted to teach.

Most of the individual among us find it Boring and Time waste but believe me, My Friends this is not so how it looks. It is an epic scripture which has a solution to every problem plus you will feel relax after reading the Gita. The non-sectarian content has inspired millions of saints, leaders, scientists, philosophers and normal people too.

Have a look at the quotes below which makes a lot of sense and easily fit into our life:

#1. Soul is permanent~
#2. Doubts lead to misunderstanding~
#3. Work but never for the reward~
#4. Whatever happened, happening, and will happen is always good~
#5. All three leads to self-destruction~
#6. Belief is a key~
#7. Meditation gives you peace of mind~

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