Bollywood Star Wives with Cheating Husbands


Bollywood celebs fans really follow their favorite stars in each and manner. They get inspired and even try to copy them. From clothes to relationship these celebs give their fans goals which they desire to achieve in their own life.

But it is really heartbreaking when these celebs cheat on their better half. Yes, B’town is surrounded by many such actors who are rumored to be cheating or have cheated on their significant other.

The star wives of some celebs always stood up beside them and proved their love for hubby while many took divorce from their husbands when they were proven guilty.

So here is the list of all such wives ……….

#1. Gauri Khan

Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan married each other in the year 1991. There were rumors that SRK is cheating on Gauri while having an affair with Priyanka Chopra. Though there is no confirmed news. After all this, SRK and PeeCee never acted in a movie together.

#2. Twinkle Khanna

In 2005 Twinkle asked Akshay to stop acting with Priyanka Chopra as there were rumors that they both are seeing each other. After movie ‘Waqt’ this Jodi was not seen on-screen on any Film.

#3. Sussanne Khan

Sussanne never believed on linking up rumors of Hrithik with Kareena Kapoor and neither on the news which came about his closeness with Kangana Ranaut. In Hrithik and Kangana controversy she has always seen supporting Hrithik. But, nobody still couldn’t understand why she took divorce from him.

#4. Krishna Raj Kapoor

Raj Kapoor and Nargis Jodi had a great chemistry on-screen and there were rumors at that time that they even have that chemistry off-screen also. But later on, Raj Kapoor married Krishna.

#5. Jaya Bachchan

Everybody is aware of the love triangle between Rekha, Jaya Bachchan and Amitabh Bachchan that started on sets of film ‘Silsila’. But Amitabh Bachchan finally tied the knot with Jaya Bachchan.

#6. Kajol
Ajay Devgan was linked up with Kangana Ranaut after their movie ‘once upon a time in Mumbai’.

#7. Zarina Wahab

There were rumors that Actor and Director Aditya Pancholi had an affair with Kangana Ranaut.

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