Bollywood Bloopers Which We All Missed While Watching The Movie!


Stupid Mistakes In Movies That You Have Never Noticed While Watching Them………

We all love to watch movies. We watch them without any tension in our minds for the entertainment and
fun. Well, in this world nothing is perfect and even faults are there in movies. So, below is the list of all
silly mistakes that went unnoticed by us while watching few films.

You might always want to see Thakur’s hand so spot them in one of the fighting scenes of movie….

BAGHBAN- Do February comes after March??Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini immediately get
separated for 6 months after Holi celebration. But in mid of these months, they celebrated Valentine’s
Day too.

3 IDIOTS- When Aamir Khan writes these words font is different but when he underlines them they are

LAGGAN- In the movie, we see that each player gets 6 balls per over in the year 1892. Right? But this
concept was introduced in 1982-83.

DHOOM-3 – Even Katrina Kaif’s kamli song filled with flaws….

BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG- The biopic movie is set in the 1950’s but unfortunately, you will see Farhan
Akhtar singing Nanha munnah rahi hu song from movie ‘Son of India’ which was released in the year

RA.ONE – SRK plays the role of a south Indian Hindu in the movie. When he dies he is given Christian
funeral. After that in next scene, you will see his wife submerging his ashes in the river.

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