Meet Grandma with the longest Fingernails


OMG! Meet Grandma Who Has Carved Her Name In Guinness World Of Records As Female With
Longest Fingernails…

Lee Redmond is from Salt Lake City Utah has given 3o years of her life in growing her fingernails up to
the combined length of 28 feet 4 inches.

Lee Redmond is great-grandmother today. She has carved her name in Guinness world records book as
a female with longest fingernails.

She used to take care of her nails like her kids. With these long nails, she used to do every work easily.
Grandma even cuts his grandson’s hair and drives a car.

But sadly in 2009, she lost her nails in a car accident. Now the length of her nails is only 4.5 inches.

After the loss of her nails, she gave a statement to ‘The Telegraph’ that “Losing my fingernails have been
the most dramatic thing that’s happened in my life. I think it was my grandson that said, ‘Grandma, they
are like your baby; you’ve taken care of them for 30 years and lost them in a second,'” “But then, when
you think about it, you know our whole life could end in a second, not just part of the body, but your
whole life.”

She further added that”I always did everything with them, but now it’s so much easier to do things. The
weight is so different. In fact, my hands seem to fly with the weight gone,”

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