8 points which bring out a similarity between Sex and Meditation


Do Deep Meditation, Brainwaves, and sexual feelings correlate?

Mediation is a word which most of the people find boring as they couldn’t sit long by closing eyes. Right??? But something is there in it, that’s why most of the people perform it.

Meditation allows you to explore yourself and I practice it and believe me it is a pure bliss. Meditation is a sense of self-awareness with which most of the individual run from.

Anyway, guys have you ever thought of relating Meditation with SEX?? Not if, then let me tell you that Meditation and Sex both have the power to stimulate the senses of a human deeply.
Hard to believe on??? Then, as per few of the experts too both create somewhat the same effect in our brains.

Below I have few of the points which will prove me right and might surprise you as well:

#1. What’s common:


Both the act gives a short escape from our thoughts, create happiness, an effect in our brains as well as alters perception and also reduces the sense of pain.

#2. Sex plays a vital role in Meditation :


Yes, sex plays an important catalyst role as sexual impulse helps in establishing a rich meditation practice. Practising sex and meditation catalyze neurological states.

#3. Escape from self-awareness:


Both the acts makes you self-observer. We tend to do constant internal criticism which is not at all good and by indulging in these we get uplifted from our burdensome egos.

#4. Bliss:


We get to feel the ecstasy as both are sacred and profane.Meditation lets you have an experience the trinity of bliss while sex leads you to diminish self-awareness.

#5. Pleasure:


Meditation and sex both give pleasure to a human. The sensation of pleasure can be achieved through this.

#6. Release stress:


After practicing both the acts the end result is that you feel relax. They have the ability to release the stress from a human body and mind.

#7. Addictive:


Once an individual indulges in it whether it be Meditation or Sex it leads to addiction.

#8. Climax:

Both have climaxes, sex has orgasm and meditation has enlightenment.

There are sexual meditation techniques also and one of which is Kundalini meditation.

Curious to know, What is Kundalini meditation??

It is a kind of meditative technique made to tap into the sexual energy and capacity for Love. “Pure Desire” is the main focus of Kundalini meditation

Folks, so these were some of the points which bring your attention towards the similarity between Sex and Meditation. I hope that I could convince you through my saying and hope that now onwards after reading this article if you are not meditating then will start meditation. Everyone must remember that Good sex can be enjoyed only when there is a connection between Mind and Body.

I just want to end it with this quote:

“If you become meditative while making love, the quality of sex changes and something new enters into it – it becomes tantric, it becomes prayerful, it becomes meditative it becomes Samadhi.” ~ Osho


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