Do You Know About India’s Largest Street Collab? Watch The Trailer!

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India is a land of different rainbows and each rainbow has their own obsessions rather one that we all love and brings along. Confused about that? Then, its none other than “ART” which has its own definition and infinite power to hold 1.324 billion different faces by one thread, there is hardly anyone who is not a lover of art.

Suede Gully- the collaboration has 58 collective souls of artists among which 36 are Dancers, 8 are Rappers, 7 are graffiti designers.


Yes, you are reading right, a street fest by creative artists from 4 different corners of colorful India: Mumbai, Delhi, Madurai, and Shillong is coming where Indian rappers, graffiti artists, musicians and dancers collabs to form a promising India’s biggest and exciting street fest.


The synergy will be seen featuring artist like Mukti Mohan, Shilo Shiv Suleiman and Divine, Suede Gully and adding more cherry over this Suede Gully anthem is on the cards that is nothing but a short of the awesomeness of the world.

Here, without much ado watch the glimpse of all the madness of India’s Largest Street Collab:

I know, it is really hard to keep our excitement calm after watching the trailer. But, guys all we need to wait until 5 November 2017 because this is when the video is releasing.


So just wait “Kyuki Sabar Ka Phal Meeta Hi Hoga”


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