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All poor devils like me, who wanna entrepreneurs I’m here to help you out to convert your idea into reality. Yes! You are reading right.

It’s not a stretch of thought when an architect plans out to begin their own business. All you need a creative business plan for your entrepreneurship. Well, don’t misinterpret my words because I am not going to tell you about plans. Instead, I’ll let you know how you can make your creative outlet to reach the desired height.

A plan is nothing but a document either on paper or excel that you prepare to get investors and partners.(because without money your dream will remain a dream) Keep in mind before charting your business plan that- how you can target your audience, both immediate and future and if possible read psychology to understand customer’s behavior.

So, follow these tips and kick off your journey to become an entrepreneur:

  1. Start From Basic:


Remember, whenever you are planning to step out into something go deep into the sea as start from A B C.

Execute summary, market need, and target market, your competitions, problem, and solution and at last make your financial and funding plans.

  1. Be honest, fooling it the biggest mistake:


If you try to make investors fool then they will fool you back. So, be sincere and grounded in reality.

  1. Creativity, the direct way to fly


Yes, be creative as much as you can because creativity will work as a magnet to magnetize your investors and market.

  1. Change being the only constant


Trust me and make your project versatile. Any time, any type of changes will open their door for you.  As your business grows, your plans and projections will also change. Same the founder of Rise Art has said, “We continue to iterate and improve on our business plan each quarter. I’m constantly looking at the latest research and speaking with our customers to see how we are doing in the real world. Our business plan always changes based on what we’ve seen that has worked and what’s not.”

  1. Visual can explain a bit better:


Pip Jamieson, founder, and CEO of The Dots once said, “A good rule of thumb is that if someone can flick through your business plan in 10 minutes and get it, you’ve done a cracking job.”

His quote is enough to get the juice from the raw, use visuals means charts, images, and graphics in your creative plan.

Meet the reality: Before starting anything make yourself prepared for ups and downs. As pre-planning will help you to not get disheartened by the failures. And, try out these tips it will prove helpful.


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