Do You Know These Toxic Habits Are Poisoning Your Relationship?


“Toxic relationship poisons you slowly and quietly!”

The definition of the romantic relationship doesn’t always seem the same from home to home or even relationship to relationship.

Every couple who got excited after the first meeting doesn’t necessarily mean to settle down happily. To handle the nitty-gritty of relationships we don’t have any measure given by the psychological experts but they have given some pointers, that is actually poisoning the relation and we consider it normal.

Have a look at the lists below and stop posing your relation:

#Keeping scorecard:


Keeping scorecard of your partner’s wrongdoing is not normal, somewhere at some point you have to pay big. The relationship is based on trust and understanding, so stops using past wrongdoings in order to win over current righteousness.

#Blaming your partner for your mood swings:


The entire connection of your mood swings is entirely associated with you only, blaming your partner for uncertain emotions you have is a subtle form of selfishness.

#Calling your better half everything:


Do you are losing a part of your own? Yes, if you call your partner everything on the next moment you’ll end up losing your own self.

#Joke or Jerk:


Your words should not be insensitive; there should always a limit between cracking a joke and being a complete jerk. Also, everybody needs to make sense of that line!

#Comparing your partner with other people:


If you are comparing your partner to someone else then stop immediately because comparing is directly proportional to insulting or disrespecting. If you love them truly, love them for who they are.

#Don’t do to get back:



Doing something in order to get something back is like wasting your effort. Just do to make a smile on your partner’s face and trust me that smile is the best return gift you can ever have.

#Recounting things what you’ve done:


You prepare it because you choose to do it. But when you recount how many things you have done, the movement loses all its emotion of love.

Well, all the nomad lovebirds who are doing these things knowingly or unknowingly think before you do because at the end might be you end up losing your partner.

The relationship is beautiful, so keep it beautiful.


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