Did You Know These Facts About The Recognised Third Gender Of India?


“Secrets About The Third Gender Kinnars In India”

When I was a kid, I used to wonder why people around me called a lady Hijra or some called her Kinnar? She used to visit my town but never stayed. I never got satisfied with the answers my parents provided me and this lightened up a storm of curiosity into my head.

Some of my readers also go through the same spirit of inquiry but like me, they do not get a proper response and this is because the majority of people do not have the exact details about the community of TRANSGENDER.

So, today we tell you about the life journey of transgenders from birth to death.

1. Birth Of A Transgender


A Eunuch born with an ambiguous or hermaphrodite genital and abnormal levels of sex hormones during the fetal development is the main reason behind the birth of a Eunuch.

2. History And Cultures Of Transgenders


The presence of the third gender of the society can be seen in the ancient period of Mahabharata and in Islam also where the hijras worked in the Harems of the Mughal rulers. Though, the way of living of Hindu and Muslim Kinnars were different.

3. Bless and Curse Of Transgenders


It is highly believed that the blessings and the curses of Eunuchs work. They can take away everybody’s bad luck but in the case of they get hurt from you, their curse can bring bad luck into your life.

4. Rebirth Of A Transgender Through Emasculation


Emasculation is like a new birth for a transgender as it’s a ritual to transform into potent transgender from an impotent male. A holy ritual is performed where a Eunuch dresses like a bride and performed the ritual involving fertility symbolism relating to marriage and childbirth.

5. What A Transgender Do Before The Death


A eunuch can foresee their death, hard to digest but it is believed to be true. As soon as they realize the horrible truth of death, they leave going out, sit in a corner, do not talk to anyone, do not eat any food. They completely evolve themselves into the praying to God for not giving them the rebirth of  Eunuch.

6. Cremation Of A Transgender


The cremation of a transgender is a secret affair. Not many attend the last rites of them. Their cremation or burial does not collaborate with any fanfare. It is said that their last rites are performed in the night.

“Also, the dying kinnar is considered Godly”

As we know, being recognized as the third gender of India, Kinnars are still facing disgrace in the society. From ancient period, hijras are seeing as the stigma in the society and we can see it around us also.

Though with time the attitude of people towards them are changing there are more to be changed. They need equal rights from government and support of us.


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