7 Witty Quotes That Will Twist Your Mind!


“I firmly believe that a Tangy Twist in everything adds spice to it.”

As an Internet savvy, I read up many things online from phrases, articles to poetry. Writers who write it either express their feeling, emotion or sarcasm in it. But it’s our wit in which way we are taking it. Well, today I was just surfing through one of the sites and read about few of the quotes whose central theme was funny plus Humorous. Being a writer a thought just pop up in my mind of why I don’t write out few quotes based on my life experience. Firstly I was confused but later on, I decided to write up.

As I am a 22-year-old working girl living away from my family I have learned a lot in my life from being living without family, dealing with work culture, heartbreak to do things all alone (The list is long though).

From my till now experience I follow that you should not give damn to what people around you think and also do things what your mind (Not heart) says. Being the follower of this theory in my journey today I have written seven Quotes which you can read out below:


Many individuals have their own bucket list which they wanna complete either alone, with their friend or love partner. I personally too have it that to a long one but my Fucket list in even longer. There are all the people including famous and common who I like or have a crush on.


Most of the time people annoy me and they are so dumb that I hardly put my efforts to make them understand my point. To all such kind of people in my life, I use the language called ‘Sarcasm’.


In my life whenever people don’t believe on my point, I use swear words to convince them though I am fooling them.


Most of the time it happens that people get hurt by my words as I speak boldly. But I don’t care. Maybe they get offended or feel bad but what can I do, I speak what I believe.


People generally don’t wanna listen to truth and when I speak it they often call me Bitch. But I don’t care.


It is said that people are awarded justice one day or other but I think people are only given an award of Good or Bad Luck.


There is a thinking that Girls run behind money but not with me as I already earn and can finance myself. All I want is Love and Respect.

I hope you liked my quotes. After reading you can take it in whatever way you want to. As per your wish, You can call it blunt, straightforward or anything else. I would be glad if some of the readers could relate to my quotes.


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