Add On These 10 English Words To Your Dictionary If You Are Big Time Foodie!!

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Every foodie needs to know these words if they believe they love food

Most of the Humans including me are madly in Love. But, wait not for a person but with all kinds of delicious food available from cheese white sauce pasta to yummy chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream.

I can proudly accept that Food till my last breath will remain the First and yes of course forever Love. Well, just like me there are many who tend to flaunt that we are big-time Foodie and know all the words related to food. But, this is not exactly so. We do miss out few of the terms and in that case today we have 10 English words which a Foodie should know to strengthen their relationship with food.

#10. Cornicione:


The term Cornicione is an Italian word which has made its place in English vocabulary. Half of the world population is mad over PIZZA and the outer most part of a pizza crust is called ‘cornicione’

#9. Tines


It’s very important that an individual posses Table manners. Well, if you know the meaning of Tines then you can definitely flaunt your knowledge. The prongs which you see on a fork are known as tines.

#8. Sammie:


The sandwich is loved by most of the people and its variations are available in every food outlet. Sammie is the name given to any stuff between the two slices of bread.

#7. Gut-gullie:


The word has its origin from Scottish dialect and it refers to the act of eating greedily.

#6. Groaking:


It generally happens that someone is eating in front of you some delicious food item and you stare at them madly. This act of yours is called Groaking. So, next time when someone stares at your food then tell him/her ‘Stop Groaking’!!

#5. Swage:


After having a good meal, every foodie loves to relax. Either they opt for sleeping in their bedroom or prefer to watch TV lying comfortably on their Sofa. So, every time a food lover does this it is termed as the swage relaxation.

#4. Yule Hole:


The term is majorly popular in Europe is pronounced as the yool-hole. After enjoying the Sunday brunch or heavy dinner when you stretch your belt to the last hole to make yourself comfortable is known as the yool-hole.

#3. Al-dente:


The word has its traces from Italian and is now being used in the English language as well. It is kind of making a pasta which remains hard when someone bites it. So, whenever you want it hard you can tell the waiter that you want your pasta cooked al-dente.

#2. Box Tent:


Here is another one for all the pizza lovers. Box Tent is the plastic thing which you see at the top of your yummy pizza. It is placed at the center so that the pizza topping doesn’t get ruined at the time of the transit.

#1. Barm:


Last but not the least is related to the Beer which is also my favorite one;) The foam which you see on the top of the Beer is called Barm.


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