Annoying Things Couples Want From Their Wedding Photographers


You are getting married and yes for the first time and want everything to be just perfect. You have found a professional wedding photographer recommended by your best friend’s husband and now, all you want to know about the pictures, pre-wedding shoot, themes and so many things.

Okay, let’s get real. All these questions are annoying, and you probably will never understand how difficult is to make a wedding photograph perfect. Let him do his job or he will run away.

Here are the most annoying things you should stop asking your wedding photographers to do

1) No. You cannot look like Brad and Angie!


Just Relax.  Your wedding Photographer knows what he is doing and how he can make you look the best but expecting him to use a magic wand and transform you into some celebrity couple is something you need to stop right now.

2) Oh yes. Have you got an Idea?


Nobody wants to get interrupted right?? It’s good that you are getting involved in the process, but make sure that you only do your part of posing nicely and getting involved with your partner. You can’t just go to your wedding photographer and tell him a brand new idea in the middle of a shoot. You can discuss everything before the process.

3) When you get a list of photo shoots


Remember Riya’s pre-wedding pictures? Oh yes, how can you forget Rohan’s reception photographs? Now you have a list of hundreds of shots you want to have, but what you discussed with your wedding photographer was different right? Do NOT Annoy him with such unprofessional questions. He has the ability to make your shots unique and perfect.

4) Have you got trust issues? NOO!



This is one of the most disappointing behaviours, which can irritate your wedding photographer. Stop asking him questions like do you know the editing? You know the blurred image moment right? Of course, he knows it all. That’s the reason you have chosen him after all.

5) Be Punctual


No offence guys, but you are not only the one who’s getting married, and waiting for the wedding shoot. Your wedding photographer is not going to wait for long. When you delay the shoot, he will stop creating fascinating ideas, and just wrap up the shoot as soon as possible.

6) Please don’t piss him off.


I have seen couples forcing their wedding photographers to bring their whole family in the picture. He is there to make your pre-wedding post wedding moments special not to capture your uncle having a drink and aunt dancing like Jackson. Be polite to him and let him do his job for god’s sake.


If you are still not getting any of these points then be prepared for a boring wedding shoot by a traditional videographer who can charge lesser and listen to your creative ideas.  And then you get a boring photo album. Just trust their camera skills and get magical pictures, which will make you smile every time you see them.

Happy clicking!


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