Cloudburst Of Colors And A Riot Of Rebellion During The Delhi Queer Pride Parade 2017!



2017 is about to end and I think now the right time has arrived to give the dues to the member of LGBT. On one side the community is not ready to welcome them while on the other hand Delhi’s thought-provoking moment and spirit is enough.

“Delhi Queer Pride Parade” is celebrating to honor lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, and their supporters. Well, we know this festival is against the society because they are not accepting the LGBT community but there are many among us who are far away from the lower thinking.

However, this festival every year celebrated on every last Sunday of November since 2008 but this year it was celebrated on 12 November 2017. It stretches from Barakhamba metro station to march till Jantar Mantar was painted in rainbow colors with people displaying bright costumes, balloons, flags, posters, and placards.

Here are some pictures from a cloudburst of colors and a riot of rebellion festival:

#We are expressing our right to live with dignity. The attitude of the society towards us has to change.

#The crowd sang, danced and celebrated

Nazariya's own @viafiasco and @anshusaikia performing at @delhiqueerpride #delhiqueerpride #dqp #delhiqueerpride2017

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#Happy Queers put up colorful images

C O N Q U E E R . . . #indiaphotoproject #indiaphotostory #delhiqueerpride

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#Love will C O N Q U E E R

#Shashi Tharoor was the center of attraction here too!

And it’s not only him 😬 #pride2017 #prideparade #dqp #loveislove #delhiqueerpride #love

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#So true that society can’t digest 

#And, there is no shame to embrace the sexuality

#delhiqueerpride #prideparade #queer #pride2017 #lgbtrights #lgbtqia #rainbow #nogenderbias #delhipride #section377

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#Rainbow is on the the land

I support LGBTQ! ✌️#delhiqueerpride

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“For me this is a celebration. It means being able to hold my girlfriend’s hand and not feel weird,” said Tanya, as participants shouted slogans – “I am gay, It’s OK”, “Hey hey ho ho homophobia has to go”, “Hum honge kamyab“.

We’re feeling proud of the show of the spectacular celebration and hope their demands including anti-discrimination legislation and social accountability for discrimination on the basis of gender, class, caste, religion, ability, race, tribe, sexual orientation, and ethnicity will be accepted soon.


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