How Can You Boost Your Life Few More Years?

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Today, I did the very unusual thing in the morning that I don’t do every day. You will ask, what? I read the newspaper. Quite funny for me but I did and realized that we all should read the newspaper every day. I agree the newspapers, journals, magazines are full of heartbreaking and unhappy news but it gives us the detail what is happening around the world.

While turning the pages, I saw an article about the habits that are decreasing the number of years we gonna live. Such type of articles we read every day suggesting what should we not do to live longer. But what should we do is the question? Am I right guys?

So, in this article, here are 7 keys to boost our life few more years and what should we do to remain healthy.

1#Prefer Green Tea Over Coffee:


It will keep your brain and heart strong for the longest time and that leads few more years to live.

2#Avoid Eating Outside:


It saves 10 years of your life. Use the best oil and avoid unhealthy food.

3#Communicate With Friends More:


It will add approx 3.5 years to your life. Try spending more time with friends, enjoy together and have fun.

4#Bring Pets To Home:


The love of pets will boost approx 3 to 5 years of your life.

5#Decrease The Amount Of Meat And Add Fish In Your Meal:


Having Fish more decreases the risk of Alzheimer and avoiding meat lowers the risk of cancer.

6#Spend 30-40 Minutes Every 2 Days In Exercising:


It will add 4 healthy years to your life. It keeps your body fit and energetic.

7#Continue To Work Even After 70:


Age is no bar and makes it applicable in the field of work too to add approx 5-7 happy years into your life.

I think living more years isn’t worth but how do we live these years make the difference. So, I am gonna include all these keys to boost my life for more years with health and fun.


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