Meet Nitasha Biswas Who Wore The Crown Of First Trans-Queen


“First Transgender Beauty Crown Won By Kolkata Based Nitasha Biswas”

I know the headline isn’t something very usual to hear. Some of my readers also won’t believe it is true but it is. Now, you will ask how does it happen?

How can a transgender be a beauty queen? Initially, when I heard the news, I too thought the same but later realized why not! They are the third gender of the society and as normal as we and equally beautiful, so why not?

If you’re curious to know the life journey of Nitasha, read the full article: 

#The beauty crown is won by Kolkata based transgender named Nitasha Biswas.


#Nitasha is 26-years-old became the first transgender beauty queen.


#She is going to represent India in the contest Miss International TransQueen 2018 in Thailand.


#When she was in a growing phase, she realized that her male body has woman soul. This made her took the decision to take hormones replacement therapy.


#Since her childhood, she had the realization that in spite of having a male body, she has a soul of the woman and Nitasha informed about her feelings to her brother first.


#After completing her school, Nitasha moved to Delhi and began the therapy of transformation.


#The journey of Nitasha wasn’t facile, as soon as she let know her friends about her decision, everyone stopped exchanging words to her, meeting to her.


Whatever happened, today Nitasha Biswas won the First TransQueen contest and is giving inspiration to others. Miss TransQueen is making India proud at the International level. Hats Off to her courage.


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