Weird Things We All Do After Watching Horror Movies


So, it’s Friday night, and you are planning to watch a horror movie alone?

You have ordered your pizza, curled-up under your blanket and all set? Wait a minute. Be very sure that you can watch a horror movie alone as you are going to experience some abnormal activities!

Whether you are watching a movie with your friends or alone, some of you get so much into the movie that you start noticing things, you haven’t noticed before.

Here are the crazy reactions we all give after watching horror movies

1) Keep the Lights On!


Okay, this is what I always do after watching a horror movie. You keep thinking about the scary scenes over and over again, and only lights can save you from that fear.

2) Your imaginations cross all the Boundaries



This is one of the craziest reactions after watching a horror movie. You start imagining the worst things possible. You check the window, pray, sing, and even check your bed!

3) You want a Company. Even for the Bathroom!


I remember the day I watched ‘The Conjuring-1’ with my best friend. The whole night she was holding my hand and every time she wanted to pee, I had to accompany her. Next time you plan to watch a horror movie, make sure your friend can handle the darkness or you can just watch an episode of ‘FRIENDS’.

4) Someone is watching you!



You can’t keep your eyes closed while sleeping or taking a shower as the ghost is going to wait until you close your eyes right! You keep thinking that someone is watching you.

5) You wait for the mornings



You start waiting for the 3 am to pass and get relieved when you finally see the Sunlight.

Well as they say “It’s all in the Mind”. You can overcome such fears once you start facing them. All those horror stories came from your friend’s grandparents and watchmen uncle are just to scare you.


Next time you watch a horror movie or can’t handle the side-effects, watch comedy, which can keep you calm. But hey wait, keep the lights On!


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