Husband Gives Shocking Punishment To His Wife When She Refused To Have Sex!

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The reason will shock you and you will have goosebumps after knowing it

All around the world, there are initiatives, campaigns, as well as measures, are taken to protect the women from the human beast which harms her in form of sexual abuse. The worst thing a woman who is a married witness in her life is “Marital Rape”.

I think it is disgusting when a lady without her permission is forced to do sex with her own husband and add on to it when she denies she has to physical abuse.

Recently, in Uttar Pradesh’s Kannuaj what a man did to her wife will shock you to the core. The man named Ved Pal doused his wife’s genitals with the chemical when she denied of doing sex with him.


The couple were married to each other for seven years and have two children already. Though, the duo was estranged. When the accused husband wanted to have sexual pleasure from the victim she denied him which made the man angry.

After which the husband beat her up and didn’t stop here. With the help of few other people, he put the chemical into her private parts.

The woman is in a serious condition and was admitted to the District Hospital. A complaint is lodged and the police are investigating the whole matter.

This is all. Nothing more will be done?? At one time we are talking about protecting our women from all the evils and on other side are such incidents of rape, sexual abuse and marital rape which are shameful. I still get the goosebumps when I hear such about such sad stories or even remember the Nirbhaya case. It’s high time that some strict action is taken so that it doesn’t become a barrier to our development.



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