Did You Notice These Verity About Indian Currency Notes?


India’s 14th Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his decision of demonetizing the notes of 1000 and 500 created the history and the day of November 8 has been written in the golden letters in the history of India.

It was the evening, I was sitting in my living room and surfing some stuff on the internet, suddenly everyone rushed to the television and when I asked what happened, their answer surprised me completely and I was like how can it happen?

PM with his speech shocked the nation. People started praising him, while others started settling their money. Now, it’s been almost a year since Notebandi(Demonetization), the new Mahatma Gandhi series banknotes are in the circulation in the country.

Firstly, RBI introduced the banknotes of denomination 500 and 2000 and later 200 and 50. There are visible changes made in the new notes from changing colors to its dimensions. But still, there are some facts that Indian should know or observe in the new banknotes.

So, read out the details:

1. Mahatma Gandhi’s Picture That We See On The Notes Came From This Picture. In This Picture, Bapu Can Be Seen With Lord Frederick William Pethick-Lawrence.


2. The Logo Of ‘Swacch Bharat Mission’ Can Be Seen On The New Currency Notes With Slogan

‘Ek Kadam Swachhta Ki Aur’.


3. The Denomination Of Numbers On The New Currency Notes Are Written In Devanagari Script. Earlier It Could Not Be Seen On The Notes.


4. On The Back Side Of The Currency Note Of 2000, Motif Of Mangalyaan Can Be Seen.


5. On The Back Side Of The Currency Note Of 500, Image Of Red Fort Or Lal Kila Can Be Seen.


6. On The Back Side Of The Currency Note Of 200, the image of heritage site Sanchi Stupa Can Be Seen.


7. On The Back Side Of The Currency Note Of 50, The Image Of Hampi With Chariot Which Is A World Heritage Site Declared By UNESCO Can Be Seen.


These are the information we Indian must know or observe in our Currency Notes but most of us never paid attention to these. So, I think this article has increased your knowledge about the Indian Currency Notes.


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