A Rajasthan Magazine Unfortunately Has A Ridiculous Idea For Women To Stay Fit

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Indian Society nowadays has accepted that women are equal to men. Feminism is widely accepted and the ladies speak liberally about it. Right?? I am also one among the supporter who thinks that women are capable of doing everything which isn’t possible. Are you??

But there are still few people in our society who still support patriarchy and are deeply concern of the so-called “Dikkats” which can arise because of ‘Feminism’. I don’t get what to do with such kinds of people.


You might be thinking that this is what we hear every day then why I am getting furious? So, let me tell you a recent incident has disgusted me where norms of patriarchy say that women are not equal to men, Nari Shakti is for making food in the kitchens, there is no individual identity of their and blah blah things.

Recently, in the monthly magazine ‘Shivira’ of Rajasthan Education Department has mentioned a sexist remark. It reads “STRIYAN CHAKKI PEESNA, BILONE BILONA, PANI BHARNA, JHADU POCHA LAGANA AADI GHAR KE KAAMO ME BHI ACCHA VYAYAM KAR SAKTI HAI.”


This suggestion is given in the November edition of the magazine which is for the school teachers that contains essays on education, great personalities, or issues of general interest. The message being given through the magazine is inappropriate as it gives out a wrong lesson to all the readers as well as to the school teachers.

Women are fighting everywhere and in every field to be treated equally to men in the Indian society but such incidents only demotivate all the women. Though we are working on it still, there is a need to change the mentality that women are not made to do only household works and confined to four walls.


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