Read To Find Out Why Dark Skin Is As Good As Any Other Skin!

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“Any Men will agree to marry with you only when you possess fair and lovely skin tone”; “fair is pretty” and bla, blaa ~ This is what all the girls hear either from their mother or a relative or grandparents. What girls can simply do is to avoid and completely ignore it.

All those girls who have dusky skin or dark color witness color discrimination, are being bullied, and often called “ugly” because they don’t have a glowing fair color which is considered beautiful in the Indian society. Well, all my dear girlfriends who all have been belittled because you don’t fit in society’s criteria of beauty then here is something I have which will boast you and will give you a solid reason to love yourself and embrace your own beauty.

#1. Darker is actually healthy~


There are a lot of benefits of having a darker skin as it protects you from the harmful rays of the sun, the risk of skin cancer is reduced, good resistance to heat or cold and safeguards the nervous system as well.

#2. Let’s you look Younger~


There is a late chance of wrinkles, dark spots, rough skin and you need to less care about all that happens because of aging.

#3. Dusky is Sexy~


I really find Bipasha Basu, Lisa Haydon, Nandita Das, Konkana Sen Sharma sexy in a way they carry themselves in their skin tone. Thus Dusky is sexy and you should also love it.

#4. Don’t you think it is ‘exotic’~


Dusky girls are attractive as compare to fairer ones. It really grabs the attention of everyone and I really find all such ladies exotic.

#5. Minimal Makeup~


For coloring yourself you need not apply any product on your skin as you are already blessed with a good and warm skin.

#6. No wastage of Time and Money~


You need not waste money and time in hiding a skin damage as it rarely shows up on your skin.

#7. Reality~


Once you start embracing your beauty then you will come to know the reality of other people. You will get to know who really loves you for who you are.

Dark is indeed beautiful, let’s embrace it in totality!


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