Another Gangrape In Chandigarh And We Know Nothing Has Changed So Far!

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We daily hear about cases of Gangrape, sexual abuse, and molestation. Just a few days after the shameful Bhopal Gangrape incident here is another sad story of Gangrape that happened in Chandigarh.

The victim is an employee in a private firm in Sector 17 and she lives as a paying guest in Mohali. The Chandigarh girl who is a resident of Dehradun is the eldest one in her sibling. She has already lost her father a few years ago and in Dehradun, her mother is an employee of a private company.


Now, let me tell you about what happened actually. The 21-year-old woman who lives in PG accommodation was coming back from coaching for a course in stenography from Sector 37. On Friday night to commute the auto driver of the auto which she took told her that his daughter is ill and he has to go to meet her. The accused driver took the victim in confidence by telling her that he is short of money due to his daughter illness and don’t even have enough money to fill gas in his auto rickshaw. After listening to this the girl paid him Rs. 100 for the fuel. During the journey, she was accompanied by two other men in the three-wheeler. The auto driver stopped the auto at Sector 53 and pretended that there is a problem in the vehicle so she told the driver that from there she will manage by her own to reach her PG. But, all three covered up her mouth and took her to bushes and raped her.


The victim said “The three-wheeler was stopped at Sector 53 by the auto driver who said that as the three-wheeler had developed a mechanical snag, it could not go any further. I offered him money and told the auto driver that I would go to my house on my own from there. But he, along with two others, sitting inside the auto, covered my mouth with their hands and dragged me into the bushes where they committed the crime.”


She also revealed that she tried to convince them by saying that take away all her money and leave her but it didn’t work out.


SSP Nilambri Vijay Jagdale said, “We are working very hard. A team has been constituted on the level of each police station. There are a total of 16 police stations. We have obtained the footage of the accused auto driver. We are approaching every auto union in Tricity to get a clue about the accused.”



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