Do You Know Why Women Fall For Men With Beards?

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As I personally believe, the relationship between a man and a Women develop initially from admiring each other’s look. Though looks aren’t something only paramount thing to fall for anyone still it plays a key role in lightening up the spark in the heart of a person for another person. We girls have many things that can make a man fall for us but what about a man.

What a man posses to attract us, girls! Think about it. I know you will say his handsome looks, gorgeous nature, responsible behavior and Men with Beards.

Yeah! Comparative to clean shaven or subtle beard, I will prefer men with sexy beards and most of my friends too. But have you ever thought why we attract towards a man with beards more? If not, then this article targets you, girls.

Know the reasons why you fall easily for ‘Men With Beard’:

1. Beards are more attractive than Mustaches


Women prefer men with the beard to men with the mustache and it is proven in a study. Where 60% women voted for facial hairs of men, only 6.44% women voted for mustache and left for the sexy beard.

2. Beards indicate towards Commitment


In a study, women chose men with the subtle beard only for One Night Stand while men with the full beard for long-term commitment and most appealing.

3. Beards evince a man more Manly


Of course, Men with sexy beard signify more masculinity and we all believe that. As per the study of Journal Of Evolutionary Biology,  Women see men with the beard more confident, masculine, generous, sincere and industrious.

4. Man with beards make better Dad


Men with beards are more committed to their relationship and hence they make better dads but that doesn’t mean clean shave men can’t be. According to the study of Evolution and Human Behaviour, women are more likely to rank a man with the beard as a better Dad than a non-bearded man.

5. Women find length of beard more Attractive


Yes, length of the beard also matters. As per the report Medical Daily, men with the heavy beard of about 10 days look more attractive than a man with the beard of about 5 days.

Interesting things! Beards of a man can decide his personality. Till date, I thought men with beard look more attractive but today I got to know there are more things that can be decided by the beards of a man.


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