Kashmir Calling: Have You Visited The Paradise On Earth Yet?

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Kashmir, the name itself brings a romantic smile onto our face. The beautiful valleys, mesmerizing views, the lakes, the snow covered hills make me always wanting to rush to The Heaven On Earth.

However, the political scenario is quite disturbing and is trying to snatch the charm of the valley but fighting with all the odds, the Heaven has been attracting tourists from all around the world and I am the one who desperately want to feel the breeze of Kashmir.

Currently, the allurement of the season Autumn is too mesmerizing to miss. The place has become the home to the amazing Chinar trees, there is a different experience to see the Kashmir Valley in the autumn.

So, I am trying you to feel the essence of Kashmir in the Autumn Season through these photos:

1. The road full of shed red leaves showing you the way to explore more Kashmir

2. This beautiful picture made me spellbound

3. How can you miss the Chinar’s Autumn view 

4. Enjoy the every bit of Peace in Kashmir 

5. This is how the Autumn influences the Golf course in Srinagar

6. Love is blossoming under the blessing of Chinar

I've always tried to propagate and speak about love and peace, be it on Instagram or anywhere I've had a chance to speak or write. It always takes me by surprise when people don't like me as I don't wish anyone any harm, but nonetheless even I have had my share of hate from complete strangers to friends who once were. I've always tried to ignore it and not let it affect me. But at times it gets too much as I am human too. As many of you may be aware, a certain person has made many accounts to demean me and my friends. I have a life beyond Instagram and the people I love and care about are being affected by these hate accounts on Instagram. I understand that some people may not like me (for no rhyme or reason or perhaps they may feel they have a million reasons) which is fine. But this hater has taken things to another level by saying ridiculous things about me, my family and my friends. This whole experience has been exhausting which led to me eventually disable my Instagram account. It got to a point where I thought I'd never be back on Instagram. Over the last few days I've thought about such haters motives and my own intentions for starting my account in the first place. I know that I have always tried to propagate peace, unity, raise awareness of the plight of those suffering and simply share some of the wonders of this world. So how can I let hate triumph? I will not give in to someone filled with hate. I will not let such person believe that if they can do this to me then they can do this to others. Most importantly, I wanted to take this moment to thank all of those who inundated me with emails and messages of support and concern from all over the world. It's with that overwhelming support that I am even more passionate to work harder to share with you my poetry, my stories, my photos, my art. The love that you give me is my strength. Whilst this episode has mentally, emotionally and even physically taken its toll on me, I, for my part will continue to spread the message of love and of peace. . . Contd in comments

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7. I’m lacking with words for this picture

8. The sun rays falling on the shed of China leaves make the Earth more lovely

9. Who wants more than walking under the China in Kashmir! 

10. The blossom flower and the clear sky view is enhancing the beautiful vision of Pahalgam’s Aru valley

You must have seen the autumn in me When your eyes met mine that night, Every flower in my garden had withered before your hands touched mine that night, Did you see how spring came to me when you whispered my name that night? Your colours spread across my skies, the darkness vanished that night. All the scattered poems on my lips one after another became yours that night. It sure was the season of magic For in autumn Yemberzal bloomed that night. You must have seen the autumn in me Oh! You garden of spring flowers! . . . #shotongh5 #kashmir #indiaphotoproject #indiapictures #mountains #valley #panasoniclumixgh5 #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #portraitphotography #_soi #love #peace #poetsofinstagram #poetry

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If you are a nature enthusiast like me, then you can finally take a breath of fresh air in the stir of the life of the city. I hope these pictures will instigate you to make your next trip plan to the Kashmir.


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