Read This If You Also Have A Younger Sister Who's Like A Potato! (1)

Read This If You Also Have A Younger Sister Who’s Like A Potato!


Hello readers! Today I am gonna talk my heart out. I dedicate this story to my Aloo, yes to my Aloo, my little baby, my younger sister who is my shadow.

Since, my childhood I see her around me, taking her to the school with me, sometimes getting jealous of her, fought with her for chocolates. And as we grew up, these things became a beautiful past. But the love between us grew stronger with time and now I can say, my life is incomplete without my Aloo. Wait! Are you thinking why I am mentioning her as aloo(Potato)?

Guys, this is because she resembles every bit of Aloo and I can say if you have a younger sister, you too will find her Aloo after reading these signs of being a gol-mol aloo.

 If my sister will read this story, I am sure she gonna shower me with love and more love. So here are the signs, read it and tag your aloo and get ready to be loved more.

1. Like Aloo, Sis Too Is Hard From Outside But Gets Soft Often


Just like Potato is very hard but when cooked it gets softened. Our younger sisters too when they are showered with love and praises, they melt.

2. As Aloo Is Delicious In Any Form, Lil Angels Too


We love french fries, wedges and many snacks made with potato and love potato in any form. She too looks lovely in every form whatever she wears, she styles herself.

3. She Resembles Aloo Too


I speak about my sis. In childhood, she was very gol-mol exactly like an aloo and still we call her ‘Moti’. And I am sure you girls too call your lil angels Aloo or Moti!

4. Like Aloo Tastes Yummy With Ketchup, Our Aloo Loves Ketchup


Every potato snack tastes best with ketchup and I must say our younger girls love ketchup. They know how to bring out the best flavour of everything.

5. Our Aloo Gets Fried and Roasted For Us


For your sake, younger sisters sometimes get scolded, fried and roasted just to save you. This is very satisfying and lovable feeling for an elder one.

6. As Aloo Gives Many Food Items, Sis Too Gives Their Belongings


Aloo gives what not! We can serve potato made dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, as snacks or as a full course meal. Likewise, our sisters too give us what not! They are always ready to give their clothes, shoes, and moreover pieces of advice.

7. As You Can’t Get Enough Of Aloo, You Can’t Get Enough Of Her


There is barely anyone who doesn’t love to have potato snacks. We can never get enough of potato dishes. Similarly, we can never get enough of our sisters’ love.

You know, I miss her when she is not around. I fight with her when she is with me. I adore her when she looks gorgeous. I love her in any way and she is definitely my Aloo. If you too feel the same and find your sister Aloo, share this story with her and make her feel more special.


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  1. Sisters r alws spcl👍👍👍
    Evn Sister is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship.

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