This Winters, Feel Warm With These Exotic Wines And Delicious Appetizers!

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‘National Wine Day’ comes only once a year but do we need a day to celebrate Wines? I don’t think so. As I am a girl belonging to a conservative Indian family, I can’t consume wine openly and it’s my bad luck.

But I love wine and unabashedly so since the time I have had tasted it first at a party thrown by my good friend.

Apart from the unforgettable taste of wine, I noticed the appetizer served with wine and if you ask me I would say a right appetizer platter matters the most. It enhances the flavor of your sip. If you do not pay attention to the appetizer in your wine party then you’re making big mistake guys!

Next time before throwing a wine party, make sure to arrange an exotic platter with a glass of wine and you can choose from the ideas given below:

1. Baked Brie With Figs And Walnuts



 A glass of wine and a spoonful of a mix of fig, brie, and nuts will take your party to the next level of taste. Make sure to arrange in large quantity as your guests will want more.

2. Roasted Fruit And Cheese Plate



 Exotic roasted fruits in presence of cheese gives you savory and sweet taste to your mouth with kinkiness of wine.

 3. Buttered Parmesan Crostini



Trust me, your guests can’t resist themselves to try this butter, garlic, cheese incorporated bread.

4. Shrimp Scampi Dip



 If you’re serving white wine to your guests, nothing can be better than a seafood dip. Give a try to shrimp-filled cheesy dip.

5. Cheese Straws


 Homemade Cheese Straws go with every kind of beverage, so why not with a glass of wine.

6. Baked Ham And Cheese Roll-Ups



Sprinkles of poppy seed on the Ham and Cheese Roll-ups is a mouth-watering combo of your favorite wine. Enjoy your adult beverage with adult food.

7. Dark Chocolate Sea-Salt Almond



 Add some bold flavor to your wine with Dark Chocolate Sea-Salt Almond Bites.

 8. Fig And Prosciutto Pizza



 What can be better than a glass of fancy wine and fancy pizza topped with fruit, meat, and cheese? A sip of wine with and a bit of exotic pizza, I want nothing than this.

 Here with this article, I tried to help you arrange your wine party the best. Wisely pick your choice and serve your guest with an exotic glass of wine.


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