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Shocking: This Hospital Charged A Whopping 18 Lacs From A Dead Patient’s Family


18 lacs for Dengue treatment. Is it fair?

Medical healthcare is one of the barriers in our country’s path of development. There is a fault in the medical system from government hospitals to private hospitals. We all face a problem of money, facilities, staff, treatment and other major issues in the hospitals. But, for the good health care of our beloved ones we all are ready to sacrifice on everything and don’t even care if these greedy hospitals charge a lot of money.


Nowadays, it is a thing with all the hospitals to charge money rather than providing a decent treatment. Recently, the same news has come up from the Gurugram based Fortis Hospital.


It has charged a resident of Dwarka Jayant Singh with a huge amount when he admitted his 7-year-old daughter Adya in the hospital when she was suffering from Dengue.

Jayant Singh is billed over Rs 18 lakh rupees for fifteen days and below you can see how much he is charged for each service~

Admission Charge – Rs 1250
Blood Bank – Rs 61, 315
Diagnostics – Rs 29, 290
Doctor charges – Rs 53, 900
Drugs – Rs 3, 96, 732.48
Equipment Charge – Rs 71,000
Investigations – Rs 2, 17, 594
Medical and Surgical Procedures – Rs 2, 85, 797
Medical Consumables – Rs 2, 73, 394
Miscellaneous – Rs 15, 150
Room Rent – Rs 1, 74,000
Discount – Rs 20,000
Total Bill – Rs 15, 79, 322.48


There were two brands of medicines being pumped into Adya’s body. One was cheaper costing Rs. 500 per vial for a total of Rs. 4,491 and the other was more expensive costing Rs. 3100 for a total of Rs. 65,362. Apparently, both brands essentially did the same thing, Jayant said.


In the end, baby Adya couldn’t survive and that’s really heartbreaking.

My condolences are with the family who had to face this situation in their life. They have already lost their child and then they had to deal with these greedy money mongers. It’s high time that proper rules and regulations are made so that the lust of money of these greedy hospitals gets eradicated and people no more lose their loved ones along with huge amount of money.


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