Do You Know The Truth Behind This Punjab Police Officer- Harleen Kaur?

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Ready to ‘surrender’ and get ‘arrested’ for this Police officer’s beauty??

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. are the platforms where people get knowledge and also give information. Photos, videos, and whatnot netizens share on these sites which gets viral on all over the internet.


Though it creates buzz online, sometimes it is misunderstood. People take advantage of sites by spreading fake news without checking and then it becomes a topic of talk. Recently, the same incident of misunderstanding has come up in news.

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A photo of a woman wearing the Punjab Police uniform has become quite a popular on social media. The badge of the beautiful woman reads the name ‘Harleen Mann’ and people believe her to be the Station House Officer (SHO) of Punjab Police. After seeing the gorgeous lady few of the users started commenting like ‘I surrender’ and ‘people are in the queue to get arrested’. It seems like people are really mesmerized by her gorgeous looks.

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After the photo went viral there were users who gave various reactions on the social media.

#1. One viewer wanted to get arrested~


#2. Another one want to surrender~


Anyway, the real story behind the photo viral is an eye-opening. The truth is the photograph is of the actress ‘Kainaat Arora’ who is playing the role of a police officer named ‘Harleen Mann’ in her upcoming movie ‘Jagga Jiundae’. The 30-year-old has already acted in films Grand Masti and Khatta Meetha. Arora after getting messages on social media clarified by posting on Instagram.


She wrote “Dear People … Harleen Mann is my character name in the film #jaggajiundae .. it’s just a #film .. my phone memory is bombarded with forwards Frm al over d world , people sending messages & jokes : ready to get arrested etc .. i Am no REAL POLICE 🙄🐶.. 3 days and stil this photo is viral across the continent”

So, guys the photo which went viral is of the actress and she is no police officer in Punjab police station. It’s a lesson to all those who easily believe in circulated photos without any identification.


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