Hilarious: In The Era Of Bullet Trains, A Train To Maharashtra Instead Reaches MP!

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A truly bizarre incident I recently heard about and I am still deciding whether to laugh at it or take it seriously. We are talking about technologies, inventions, modernization, a revolution in our country but where are we actually heading make me ROFL!


Our government initiated a much vanity project of Ahmedabad-Mumbai Bullet Train. As usual supporters of government see the project very hopeful for a country and after hearing their exaggerate speeches on the project, you would regret your vote. Sorry to say guys but it is the truth, no?


They speak out without thinking its actual effect on our economy. Leave economy, it’s quite a high level for an average Indian like me to understand. You know I become quite uneducated when it comes to the understanding economy. However, where the condition of our trains are very sympathetic (and I have all my sympathy for them), how can we talk about Bullet Trains. It’s clearly a joke for Indians.


Every day we come through the news of trail derailments, train accidents, train failures, reschedule of trains and still if you don’t agree with me, this recent incident will open your eyes surely that you voluntarily shut to have the dreams of the bullet train. Jokes apart, guys you need to look this matter out.


I am writing about a special train which was arranged for farmers from Maharashtra to join Kisan Mukti Sansad. It was like a properly planned scene from a Bollywood masala film but at the end, it was ruined. A train carrying about 1500 farmers from Maharashtra including 200 women was booked for 39 lakhs rupees. After attending the Sansad, the train was on its way back to Maharashtra but covered 160 kilometres in the wrong direction and reached MP. How did it happen?

If you’re scratching your head and try figuring out how could it happen, not to worry buddy, it’s not only you. The train took a bizarre turn of the event by taking a wrong signal at Mathura junction and continued to travel 160 km in the wrong direction to Madhya Pradesh.


 A poor passenger narrated his story to a news portal, ‘I went to sleep at night and when woke up at 6 am, they were at Banmore station near Gwalior.’

Hahaha! It’s like ‘Jana Tha Japan, Pahuch Gaye China’


Don’t you eager to know which train it was? It was ‘Swabhimani Express’ and now it is giving me more laugh. The Swabhimani Express missed its aim and targeted in wrong direction.

The icing on the wrong cake is even driver was unaware of the incident and it was the poor passengers who let him know that the train has reached a wrong destination.


So, I want everyone to just give a minute and think what we actually need a systematic train system or a high costly bullet train? And guys don’t sleep in the night during your train journey, you can end up in reaching somewhere else.


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