Dishes You Can Serve To Your Guests When You Want Them To Go Back

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If guests stay more than requited, they are not god, they are @#$%!

“Atithi Devo Bhav” (Guest is the incarnation of God) this is what I have listened to all my childhood and till now at the age of 22-year-old, I have to hear this saying (though I don’t want to). Bachpan se I have always lived in a nuclear family and I literally can’t tolerate anybody in my house whether it be my closed relatives or dur ke rishtedarr.


The reason being first I can’t see my mother troubling herself to make these house guests happy and second being it’s hard for me to share my favorite person with anybody else. 😀 (I know it is selfish though can’t help it).

Well, it’s easy to deal with guests who stay at my house for few days but I really get pissed off with Atithi’s who stay at home for months and start thinking of my house as of theirs and plus start interfering in my family matters. Has this same happened to you guys???

If you folks still didn’t understand what I am trying to say then you can relate my situation to the film “Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge”. In the movie how Ajay Devgan gets tired off with pleasing Paresh Rawal, the same happens with me. We can’t directly scream at their face “Atithi, Tum Kab Jaoge” Right??? so, I have a better solution which will send guests to do the packing.


Feeding your guests is the most important thing then let me tell you about few dishes which will make them leave our house as soon as possible.

  #1. Karele Ki Sabzi~


I just love Karele ki sabzi only when it is cooked by my mother. But, not everyone likes eating Karela and thus it is advantageous for us. The green beauty will be our aid in form of Knight in shining armor.

#2. Karela Smoothie~













Start convincing them with saying that eating healthy stuff makes our body fit and blah blah things. Offer them a glass of smoothie in the breakfast and escape your eye from them only when they finish off the glass. You can also pretend to serve Karela Smoothie daily in the breakfast.

3. Dieting~


When every house member around start planning out of doing dieting. Take family members with confidence to start taking juices and fruits. Once they agree you win because like everybody your guest has to follow it with a happy face.

#4. Khichdi~


There is nothing which can beat the taste of yummy Khichdi with ghee. Cook Khichdi in bulk so that your whole family can consume it throughout the day. Don’t forget to hide the ghee so that it doesn’t turn out to be a delicious dish.

#5. Instead of Tea, Green Tea~


It is going to be a super weapon in order to kick out the guest from the house. Switch from normal Assam Tea to Green Tea, you can serve them two to three times also 🙂

By chance, if this doesn’t work out. What can you to do is~ Pack up your bags and became a guest at one of your relatives 😉 😉


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