7 Facts About Delicious ‘Ferrero Rocher’ That Every Chocolate Lover Must Know

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Are you in love with the shape of ‘Ferrero Rocher’?

Just like all Sundays, I went out for grocery shopping this Sunday as well. At a chocolate section, I saw a golden box of a Ferrero Rocher and just couldn’t stop my temptation that this round chocolate ball brings in my mouth. So, I ended up buying the two box of this magical balls.


For me, any friend or a relative who hands me a box of happiness on my Birthday, Diwali or any other occasion holds a special place in my heart. I just can’t explain in words how weak I go at my knees in front of its mesmerizing taste and aroma.

Just like me for all the ‘Ferrero Rocher’ lovers, it’s just not a tiny yummy ball of chocolate with roasted hazelnut it is something very special and I mean it very special.


Anyway, for the love of it, I have compiled some of the fascinating facts related to this delicious ball. So, Have a happy read below and don’t forget to fill your mouth with yummy little round golden balls while reading~

#1. Abundance Production~


‘Ferrero Rocher’ is a universal Love. Every year 4.6 Billion pieces of it are being produced which gives us proof of how much it’s consumption is.

#2. Munching made to make us all happy~


Every chocolate has a caliber to make anyone happy!! Well, Fererro contains Lecithin which cures depression, anxiety, and high cholesterol. So, anyone who stops you from eating don’t forget to tell them about this point.

#3. Hazelnut replaced cocoa~


Pietro Ferrero came up with the idea of replacing the cocoa with Hazelnut. It was done so because post World War-II cocoa was very expensive and it couldn’t fit into the budget.

#4. World’s largest consumer~


Being Hazelnut the main ingredient of Ferrero Rocher they are the world’s largest consumer of hazelnuts. Besides using Hazelnut in abundance they also use best quality hazelnuts that are from Langhe area of Piedmont.

#5. Perfect Shape~


5 years of experiment and practice led to the perfectly round shape of Ferrero Rocher. It just not happened in a flip of second and the right shape was brought by perfectionist Pietro Ferrero.

#6. Other flavors available~


People are so in love with the normal flavor of Ferrero Rocher that they have no idea that it has other flavors as well. Dark Chocolate flavor, almond, coconut, pistachio, and forest fruits are the other flavors offered by Ferrero.

#7. Taste Creator~


Wish to thank a man who brought up this wonderful concoction?? Then you can always thank ‘Pietro Ferrero’. He is the man behind the creation of yummy Nutella as well.

So, next time you wanna bring smile to someone’s face don’t forget to gift them a box of Fererro Rocher chocolate.


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