Mumbai Airport Sets A New World Record And The Reason Will Amaze You

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Mumbai~ The City Of Dreams!!!

The only Indian state where people visit daily to fulfill their dreams and try their luck to eventually succeed, is the city of dreams, Mumbai. Mumbai is one of the most populous cities in Maharashtra and for all the good reason it has won the heart of every visitor.


Well, Mumbai Airport has already mesmerized all of us for its beautiful interior and now there is another feather added in the cap.


The Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport on Friday has created a new world record. It daily handles over 900 flights per day.

As per the reports, the Mumbai Airport in a span of 24 hours managed the take-offs and landings of 969 flights while breaking its own record of 935 flights. The new world record is created for single-runway operations. Though Mumbai has two runways it criss-cross as at a time the Airport use only one of it due to which Mumbai fall in a single-runway airport city.


On a routine basis, the runway manages 46 take-offs and departure in an hour but at the time of record making day, it handled 50 movements in an hour. The world record was set from 5.30 AM on Friday to 5.30 AM on Saturday.

The Mumbai International Airport Ltd spokesperson said “we hope to cross 1,000 aircraft movements per day soon.”


An Airport official said “The second a landing aircraft crosses the beginning of the runway to the second when it exits the runway is recorded. Similarly, take-offs too are recorded and the data is shared with airlines on a weekly basis.”

Due to the shortage of land, the Mumbai Airport has to operate in such a way.


Whatsoever be the case Mumbai Airport has achieved new heights!!!


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