9 Kazuo Ishiguro Quotes That Will Instigate You To Read His Books

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All children have to be deceived if they are to grow up without trauma~ Kazuo Ishiguro

A writer has a caliber to express up the feelings of heart in the form of words which most of us can’t do. He/she is the one with whose writing most of us can relate the situation of their life. These writers have the power to trap a reader deeply in their writings through their words. When it comes to writing beautifully there are many writers around the the world who have won my heart.


Today, among them one of my favorite one is British writer Kazuo Ishiguro. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature this year i.e. 2017. A Pale View of Hills (1982); An Artist of the Floating World (1986); The Remains of the Day (1989); The Unconsoled (1995); When We Were Orphans (2000); Never Let Me Go (2005); The Buried Giant (2015) are some of the novels written by author from Japan. Apart from Novelist, he is also a short story writer; screenwriter; columnist and songwriter. In the writing of 63-year-old, you will be able to find how wonderful he understands life and expresses it in an amazing way.

Today, I have few excerpts from his collection which will definitely inspire you and instigate you to buy his books~

#1. Truth~

#2. Why Worry?

#3. Life~

#4. Love is Simple~

#5. Silence~

#6. Impression~

#7. Grow~

#8. You~

#9. Holding~


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