Do You Know Which Gross Ingredient Your Perfume Has?

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Truth behind the heavenly fragrance

When your day is as boring as your physics lecture then use some fragrance that can rebuild your mood, make your mind stronger and your soul fresher.

But…….check first because it might be that the perfume you are using has contained this gross ingredient.

Yes, it is the right time to start investigating the elements of your foreign scent bottles because some companies are using ambergris, which is a substance that comes from sperm whales. (Although it’s not legal to use in the U.S.A.)

According to National Geographic, “High-end perfumes from houses such as Chanel and Lanvin take advantage of the ability of ambergris to fix scent to human skin.”


As it is debatable from where or from which part of whale the ambergris originates while some scientists recognize that ambergris comes from the mouth of a sperm whale. So, is it whale’s vomit?
But, some scientists consider the ambergris used in perfumes is ejected from the back end of the whale and passes along with fecal matter.


“When sperm whales have a stomach or throat irritant, often a squid beak, they cover it in a greasy substance and cast it out,” according to National Geographic.

Forget everything about the shocking origin of this because as per the Natural History Museum, Ambergris is the floating gold or the treasure of the sea”


Despite the controversial expulsion of ambergris, the perfume made from this substance is very diversified. But, one thing is confirmed it gives off odors of being sweet, musky, and typically washes up on the bank as a tough material.

But, the main question comes why manufacturers use ambergris?


So, an odorless alcohol called ambrein is extracted from it that helps to keep the scent last longer.

So, this is what why I started writing, everytime we sprinkle foreign perfume, there might be the chance that we are spraying whale vomit or some ejected material from the back.

So, make sure and check every time before spending your penny in perfume. And if you want to spend on vomit then the choice is yours.


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