Is Your Phone Giving You More Stress Than Comfort?

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Do you know how harmful your phone is?

What will you call yourself after being continuously on your phone? How do you feel when someone tags you as ‘Phone freak’? What will you answer your head and eyes for disturbing its balance by involving continuously in your cell? Above all, what if being on the phone can be a reason for your STRESS?

Hey guys! 

Have you ever thought of these questions or asked yourself about any these questions? I know, like me, not many of us every thought about it. But, yes being on the phone is building all these questions for us and let’s get ready to face all of these. As we don’t leave phone for anytime, it stays with us like the one most necessary thing, and one thing today I am telling you that our this habit can be one of the reasons of our stress.

If you don’t agree with me, I have reality checkpoints that clearly will show you the mirror to know that how our phone is giving STRESS more than COMFORT.

1. It Is The Reason For Anxiety


We have developed a habit of always checking out our phone whether it is ringing or not. Anxiety remains in the head of the people until they check their phone. So, the phone is the reason for anxiety.

2. It Keeps You Away From Your Near & Dear Ones



Phone and the internet connection is taking you away from your family and friends. You find everything in your cell and hence you see no need to meet or hang out with your friends.

3. It Lowers Down Your Listening Ability



Yeah, it happens to most of the people. They sometimes get involved in their phone so much that they even don’t listen to the person to them.

4. You Don’t Trust People More



I read a study of Psychology Today that people tend to trust less on the other person in a conversation when their phone is around them. People felt less connection with that person and hence they trust less.

5. It Becomes The Reason For Misunderstandings



When you are in a phonic conversation, you can’t see the facial expressions and cues of the person on the phone. Also, when you text a person, you expect the person to reply back asap unknown of their situation and it creates misunderstanding.

6. Feelings Can Be Neglected



Sometimes, the feeling of doing something can be neglected by our active presence on the phone. This makes person’s choice more difficult to choose between being with the phone or to cherish their feelings.

7. You Can Be Nomophobic



Excess use of mobile phone can develop Nomophobia in you. Fear of being without the phone can be developed in a person who sees their phone all the time.

Completely staying away from the phone is of course not in the hands of anyone as it has become the basic need of everyone today. But giving some time to yourself is also not at all hard. Indulge yourself in reading some books, take a walk in your company, feel yourself, recognize your strength once again and see the difference.


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