Do you know Ambani’s Antilia Is Built On The Land Of Orphanage?

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Antilia, one of the most expensive residential buildings in the world which is owned by The Richest Man of the country. Mukesh Ambani, has come under the government surveillance. Will you believe can this actually be happened? Is the dream building constructed on an illegal land?

Yes, the house is built on an illegal land and against the provision of Maharashtra Waqf Board. The acting CEO of Maharashtra State Waqf Board claimed in an affidavit before the Bombay High Court.


The affidavit was submitted to the Bombay High Court which stated that a ‘mischief’ had been committed when the then chairman and CEO had ratified the sale of a piece of land at the heart of Mumbai city on March 9, 2005. The affidavit followed the decision of Chief Justice Manjula Chellur who ordered State Board of Waqfs to clarify their stand on challenging the sale of orphanage’s land.

The Joint Secretary, Minority Development Department and acting CEO of Waqf Board, Sandesh C Tadvi made the statement that the then CEO of Waqf Board did a mischief in passing the resolution.

The Issue Raised After:


The land belonged to the Currimbhoy Khoja Orphanage to provide education and maintenance to poor children of Khoja community. It was a Waqf property as per the list published in 2003. Thereafter, in 2002 Waqf filed an application seeking permission for sale of land to Antilia Commercial Pvt Ltd. The permission was granted by The Charity Commissioner on August, 2002.

However, later Maharashtra State Board of Waqf found the sale illegal and the notice was served to Antilia Commercial. The then CEO of Waqf Board settled the issue.

Current Status: 


Now, Abdul Matin has filed a PIL and challenged the Charity Commissioner for illegal sale of orphanage’s land.

Also, an advocate Eijaz Naqvi filed an apllication of intervention against the ratification of the sale.

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