Ivanka Trump: A Perfect Example of Beauty with Brains

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 Ivanka Trump has achieved so much in her life that her agenda of #Womenwhowork and women empowerment need no justification. Apart from being a presidential advisor, this lady has launched her own clothing label and books.

Beauty with brains Indeed!

Ivanka landed in India on Monday, and this is not only the reason why I am talking about her. This lady is a perfect combination of intelligence and good looks. She is a style icon, presidential advisor, successful author, a well-known businesswomen, and so on. Such an inspiration for all the ladies out there!

For people who don’t know, Ivanka Trump is the daughter of US President Donald Trump and has been given the highest level of authorities including advisory and family business. Here are the reasons why she is the perfect combination of Beauty with Brains.

Donald Trump’s ‘Favorite’


Ivanka Trump who is a mother of three has always been the ‘favorite’ of her daddy Donald Trump. This probably is the reason why she has played a huge role in making his election campaign successful and now, she has been given all the authorities related to Trump Organization.

Ivanka Trump’s Flawless Beauty


Like Mother Like Daughter. Ivanka inherited Ivana’s glamorous and graceful appeal from an early age, and took part in many fashion shows in the 90’s. Here are some of the popular pictures, which define her style and grace.


She walked on ramp for Thierry Mugler, Marc Bouwer, and Versace, be featured in Elle magazine and co-host the Miss Teen USA 1997 pageant all by the age of 16.

When She Took Over the Family Business


From being a popular model to taking over the Trump empire, she has made a remarkable transformation. She handled Trump’s family business and launched her own clothing line, which reflects her personality and style.

She is the Center of Attraction


Whether she is attending a fashion show or working as a Presidential advisor for her father Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump makes appearances that you just can’t get your eyes off her. Her style, outfits, intelligence and powerful personality is so mesmerizing that she has become one of the most talked about women entrepreneur in the world.

Two Time Published Author!!


Now what else this woman can’t do. Ivanka Trump is a successful author of Women Who Work, which has inspired women all over the world.

Happily married to Jared Kushner she is managing her life in the most phenomenal way which is an inspiration for all of us.


Now she is attending the GSE 2017 India, where she will promote women empowerment and entrepreneurship in the global economy.



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