Samosa Is Healthier Than Burger And The Reason Will Surprise You

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“Believe it or not, but SAMOSA is healthier than BURGER”

Indian Samosa or American Burger? Hard to answer? Well, I know like me, no foodie can ditch their love for samosa or burger. Both have a delicious flavor of their own that makes our taste bud as well as soul happy. So, when someone asks us to choose one from garma-garam-samosa and cheesy-burger we can’t!

A samosa is better for an individual’s health than a burger according to a new Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) report released on Monday.

Don’t you wanna ask why???


The answer is here, it is made using fresh ingredients and is free of additives, preservatives, and flavours, unlike an American burger.

Making you more clear I have to go through the ingredients used in making these yummy dishes not healthier because neither samosa nor burger is good for your health as both come under the category of junk food.



It is made of chemical-free ingredients like refined wheat flour, cumin, boiled potatoes, peas, salt, chilies, spices, vegetable oil or ghee.



Well, it has preservatives, acidity regulator, emulsifier, improver and antioxidant rather than refined wheat flour, sugar, wheat gluten, edible vegetable oil, yeast, salt, soya flour, sesame seed, vegetables, mayonnaise, cheese.

‘Neither Samosa Nor Burger Is Healthier’ but when we compare samosa wins the race.

“Fresh food contains none of the chemicals present in ultra-processed food,” says the report.

CSE or Centre for Science and Environment has conducted a survey ‘Know Your Diet’ between September 2016 – March 2017 of over 13,000 children who are going school and all are between the age group of 9-17 years from 15 different states of our country.


And, what they got is shocking as hell, packaged food and beverages are consuming more and that are high in fat salt and sugar, which raises with age.

So, I am requesting all the readers who are reading this to make sure that next time when you feel hungry choose samosa over burger.

Because nothing is more important than your health!


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