If You Feel Exhausted While Waking Up, You Should Stop Doing This Before Bed

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Having trouble while waking up? You cannot focus on work, tired without anything and feeling sleepy at work? If you are too having trouble every morning, then you need to make a routine that makes you a morning person.


A few weeks ago, I went to one of my colleagues who is also full of energy, never gets late and everyone’s favorite. I told her about my sleeping issues, where I struggle while waking up and  feel sluggish even after a full night’s rest. All she asked me to do is to change my habits before bed. I listened to her and now I don’t wake up tired anymore.

I know you have tried everything but nothing works or it may be a sleeping disorder or workload, your body can’t handle right? No. Stop making such excuses. Our lifestyle and bad habits are the main reasons behind such issues. So if you want to wake up fresh and full of energy every morning, here are the things you must avoid before going to bed.

Keep that Phone Away!



Yeah, I know the feeling. It’s like going through hell right? What can be more comfortable than laying on the bed under your quilt, and scrolling Instagram, Facebook or watching funny videos? But this is where the main problem arrives and you feel tired while waking up. Apart from everything, your phone and laptops are making the situation worse and you start feeling sleepy at work. Put down all your devices at least 45 minutes before you go to bed, and see how easily you fall asleep.

Say no to Late Night Coffee or Alcohol



Common guys! coffee is for morning people. You may sometimes need to have a cup of coffee due to urgent projects and all, but making it a habit will make you feel exhausted and dull  while waking up next morning. Alcohol also does the same; it makes you feel sleepy but reduces the quality of your sleep. You can drink a glass of milk before bed to keep you healthy and energetic next morning.

No Need to Overthink About it


You already have so much to stress about like work, relationships and all. You don’t have to force your mind to stress about the sleeping issues as it will not going to help. While sleeping, your mind needs peace and low level of stress. Stop thinking about anything before bed as it will make it hard and you will feel tired while waking up. Just relax and you will naturally get an uninterrupted sleep.

Don’t Eat Too Much


No, you don’t have to keep yourself hungry. Just avoid junk food or dinner before sleeping. Try to enjoy your meal at least 3 hours before going to bed as your body will digest food which takes time. Choose a particular time for dinner, stick to it until you get used to it and there will be no issues while waking up.

Stop Oversleeping or Sleeping After Midnight!


Doctors say that too much sleep can also make your days dull and stressful. If you want to enjoy your mornings without that feeling of depression while waking up, try not to sleep more than 9 hours.
Sleeping after midnight can also make you inactive the next day. You start struggling with headaches and stress if you sleep after 12. Make a routine so that you get a perfect 8 hours sleep and see the magic!


Make sure you take a healthy diet, exercise and stay positive. Tonight is the night my friend.

Sleep Tight and Work Right.



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