These Weird Love Making Traditions Will Make You Forget Fifty Shades Of Grey

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Do You Wanna Try Out These Love-Making Ways?

Love-Making or Sex is the very beautiful affair between love partners. A boy and a girl (whether married or not) who love each other take their relationship forward with love-making moments.

In our country, though it is allowed only after tying the nuptials knot but there are many countries where being married isn’t essential to make love. Every place has their way to make love but can it be weird? Yes, it can be.

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I know most youngsters watch adult movies though they barely accept this fact. And besides adult movies, they love to watch the series of Fifty Shades of Grey which has changed their perspective towards the love-making affair and introduced something new to them.

But, the traditions that I am going to tell you today will not only surprise you but will shock you. These sex traditions which are followed in the part of the world will make you go WTF!

1. The Semen Drink


Boys and Girls of Sambian Tribe of New Guinea gets separated at an early age after they undergo piercings. Not only that, boys and girls even drink the semen of their tribe’s warriors.

2. The Armpit Flavoured Apple


Shocking! Men of rural Austria eat apple of women armpit flavour. It’s a ritual in which dance is performed by women with apple slices under their armpits. And after the dance, the man she chose has to eat that apple.

3. The Temporary Marriage


In Tehran, men are allowed to make someone their wife only for minutes and have sex with them. If the man is married then he has to pay demanded money to his wife. It’s like a contract of temporary marriage.

4. The Stealing Wife


Men in the Wodaabe Tribe Of Niger are allowed to steal other’s wives. Once they choose a woman to steal, they can spend night with them.

5. The Multiple Sex


The multiple sex has the intention to find the right partner. The elders of the family build a hut and call it Love Hut where girls can try men until they find their perfect partner.

6. The Wife Sharing


In few Nepalese Tribes, the girl’s family choose a man to marry their daughter and later the younger brothers’ of the family are allowed to have sex with the woman. The brother who enters the room to make love leaves his shoes outside, so that other can know.

7. Sex With Young Boys


In Mangaia, boys with the age of 13-15 years can have sex with older women. Quite strange!

8. Kids’ Love-Making:


You won’t believe this can also happen! The Trobriand children are indulged into love-making by their elders so that they can learn everything at a young age. It is a serious crime.

Some of these love-making and sex traditions are highly condemning and are crimes also. Still, in many parts of the world these are in practice and need to be stopped.

So what’s your take on the rituals? Let us know in the comment section.


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