10 Things You Absolutely Do Not Lose With Losing Your Virginity

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Virginity Can’t Decide Your Character

‘Virginity’ a word that has gained very much hype. Time has changed, era has changed and here is 21st century but have we changed? Have our thought process changed? Have our perspective towards modern girl changed? I don’t think so.

Being a girl and an Indian girl, I have always been taught to save my Virginity. It is not meant to lose before marriage. Like me, all the girls who belong to India have been taught the same. But, what’s the right time? Who’s the right person to lose Virginity with? Who will decide it what’s right for us?

Nobody has the answer. The society only knows the right time to lose the virginity is after the marriage. With the person probably you do not know him. Is this right?

If a girl doesn’t go according to the norms of the society, she will be called Slut. But, girls you are not and you do not lose anything with losing your Virginity, atleast these 10 things.

1. Your self-respect 


It will remain with you until your last breathe and it should be. Virginity or any other thing can’t pull down your self respect. You have the right to respect yourself and be respected by others.

2. Looking For Your Soul Mate


Once you loose your virginity, you have lost all the rights to look for a suitable mate for you. Never think like this and don’t let people make you feel like this. You have the right to look for a soul mate.

3. Your Purity


First of all, Is virginity, a ghee? That people in society term as pure or impure. I don’t understand, how losing virginity means you are no longer pure!

4. Your Right To Consent


Once you admit to all that you have slept with someone, they start assuming that you will sleep with anyone but they are wrong. Your right to deny to have sex is still with you and your consent is at the first place.

5. Your Perspective Towards The World


The way you see the world can’t be changed just because you are no longer a virgin. You are a smart, an intelligent woman and it’s all your choice how do you see the world.

6. Your Those Romantic Moments


Nobody takes away your right to romantic date, party, dinner, gathering and flowers. You deserve all these.

7. Your Shyness


Loosing virginity doesn’t mean that you have shed your innocence, and shyness. No body can call you by degrading names.

8. Your Voice

Girls you have the right to voice out. You have the right to make opinion. You have the right to stand against wrong.

9. Your Character


People out in the society judge the character of a girl with her virginity. I ask you, is it justified? A girl gives her special moment to someone she loves, how can her character gets decided by that!

10. The Real You For Everyone

Darling girls! You all are special, nothing can change you, degrade you, or pull you down but you need to stand tall with your self respect. Be you and love yourself. Remain real for everyone and especially for you.

I am assuring you girls ‘Losing THE VIRGINITY’ doesn’t mean you have lost your dignity at all and don’t let anyone degrade you and your self-respect.


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