Why Kiran Kher Is Being Trolled For Her Statement?

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Kiran Kher, known for her typical Indian mother roles in Bollywood is being trolled for her insensitive comment on gang-rape in Chandigarh. She is also the Member of Parliament since 2014.


While speaking to the media on 29th November, Kiran Kher said “I want to tell something to all girls. When there are already three men in the auto-rickshaw, you shouldn’t take that ride”.
The 22-year-old girls allegedly gang-raped by the auto driver along with the three men sitting there. This statement has hurt the sentiments of many people, and they used social media to criticize Kiran Kher.


Though, many politicians are clarifying her statement saying that Kiran Kher did not mean to hurt anybody’s sentiments, and the words are presented in a wrong way.

Chandigarh Rape Case


A 22-year-old girl from Dehradun was heading to her hostel after class. She took an auto rickshaw where the driver took his auto to the CNG refueling station and then, went to a strange place where the three men along with the driver raped her. Irfan who is the driver has already tried to commit suicide in the custody. This is the heights of insensitivity, where girls being raped and facing the blame-game. I mean how a girl will know that an auto rickshaw driver will rape her and spoil her future? However, there are many politicians and celebrities who have been giving such senseless statements on women’s security and rape cases like Kiran Kher.


Kiran Kher, who represents powerful women should not have said this without thinking of the impact it could make on her followers. You just can’t blame girls for their clothes, choice and lifestyle for being raped by men!!

It seems that Kiran Kher took her typical ‘Aunty type’ characters very seriously, and that made her ‘advice’ on how you need to keep yourself aware in the male-dominated world. Horrific right?

See How Kiran Kher is Being Trolled

Kiran Kher Reacted to the Criticism

After being trolled by everyone, Kiran has not reacted and clarified her statement “those who are trying to play politics over my statement should be ashamed of themselves, my statement about the gang rape in Chandigarh, was taken out of context, selectively reported, and gravely politicized — all of which distracted from the real message.”


No matter what Kiran Kher meant but before making such statements, these people should at least pay attention to what is happening in the society, and that they have got a huge responsibility as public figures.


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