6 Sex Games To Try On With Your Lover To keep The Pleasure Alive

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Love making (to be direct SEX) in a ‘relationship’ nowadays is very common. Let’s face it, being in a relationship with your loved one spark up the things in bed.

Well, remaining with someone for a while did make things bit mundane inside the sheets. Agree or Not? Every single night it’s not easy to maintain the same passion alive and thus time comes when sex becomes boring and monotonous.


Trying out new positions or techniques in bed to spice up the things is cliche and it’s necessary that couples come up with something unusual and different to turn on their partner and bring back the excitement again.

Anyway, with your imagination when you can’t think of something dirty and kinky to do in bed we are here with ‘Sex Games’ which will definitely help you out to break the monotony.

# Sex Game 1~


Take pen, paper and make chits out of it. In few chits write down the dirtiest fantasies you have in your mind and ask your lover to do the same. Once you both are done, mix the chits together in the bowl and start playing. One by one pick a chit and start talking with your partner about whatever fantasy comes in your hand. Meanwhile all this, don’t forget to maintain a physical contact with each other.

# Sex Game 2~


You guys can play Role Play with each other. It means that in real life you can portray the character of reel life with your lover. You can become a sexy nurse and your boy a doctor; teacher and a naughty student; and stripper and customer and so on. Whatever you guys play, make sure you both have fun 😉

# Sex Game 3~


Card Game!! Yes, a card game but not a boring one ok. Choose a card game which you both know and make your own rules. For example, every time anyone losses they have to shed off one of their clothing. Play on until one of you get completely naked.

# Sex Game 4~


This one is for couples who love Hot and Wild sex. For this game, all you need is some props which include scarves, handcuff or ropes. The boy needs to try to pin down her girl and tie her feet and hands to the bedpost and girl has to try her best to resist. Once the game becomes fun you both guys will enjoy it.

# Sex Game 5~


This Game is going to be the most favorite one of yours. All you need is Blindfold, spoon and an Icecream (common flavour which you both like). The game begins with blindfold her eyes; give her spoon of an ice cream and ask her to feed you. If she spills it off on herself, you need to lick it and vice versa and no matter at what place she or you spill it.

# Sex Game 6~


It is going to be a kinky one. Wear one of her thongs or her panties while you both are heading at any place. This will make your girl turned on and you both will be excited to come back home fast.

Excited???? You may try these ‘Sex Games’ to get horny in bed.


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