8 Mouth Watering Dishes To Be Made With Left-over Meals

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You Will No Longer Regret Your Left-overs
I am a person who loves food and enjoy cooking also. Though I  do not make food on the daily basis but whenever I enter the kitchen I think about making some new, innovative dishes. Earlier, cooking is only meant for girls but today boys are also taking so much interest in cooking and I can see this in my family too.
I think cooking isn’t only a work to do but it becomes a passion, an art to follow especially for the young generation. When they step out the house to study or work, they start cooking food by themselves and slowly this develops their love towards cooking. But, a problem every cook face whether it is our mom or we or anyone, what to do with Left-overs which is very frequently happening with food. So, I’m gonna tell you 8 ideas to turn your Left-over foods into yummy dishes.

1. Turn Left-over Rice Into Fried Rice

You cannot enjoy your leftover rice more other than turning it into mouthwatering Fried Rice. Add some fried veggies, nuts, beans, some spices and here you go with protein and fiber-rich meal.

2. Turn Left-over Pizza Into Omelette 

Only the name of the combination is enough to bring lots of water into the mouth. Use that left slice of pizza as the topping of your Omelette and trust me it will taste too yummy.

 3. Turn Left-over Chicken Into Chicken Soup

The leftover chicken can taste so good after adding some curd, veggies, beans and crispy cheesy chips into it. You won’t believe the last night chicken can be more good to taste.

4. Turn Left-out Vegetables Into Pickles

Surprised! This can happen and it will be delicious. Chop those left out veggies and boil them, then add 2-3 drops of lemon juice, mustard seeds and put all these into a jar. There’s no better way to use those left out vegetables.

5. Turn Left-over Fish Into Fish Tortillas

Fish flakes into fish tacos sound exotic, no? You can make the dish by mixing fish flakes with your favorite veggies, beans, and cheese. Put the mixture over the well-grilled wheat tortillas. Add some lime juice, coriander and some sour cream as a season. Here is restaurant style meal is ready.

 6. Turn Left-over Bread Into Croutons

Take leftover bread slices and coat into butter or cheese. Bake this for 1-2 min at a medium temperature. Season it with some salt, herbs, and spices. Salad or tomato soup go best and delicious with Bread Croutons.

7. Turn Left-over Chapati Into Masala Chapati

In Indian household, chapati is very common to be made and almost every day we have its leftover. So, turn it into masala chapati by putting it into the oven for 2 minutes and then add chopped tomatoes, onion, cucumber, chili flakes, black salt and pepper, chat masala. Garnish it with nylon sev and coriander.

8. Turn Left-over Idli Into Fried Masala Idli

Everyone loves Idli! Let’s Make it yummier by adding chili powder, turmeric powder, salt, and pepper into sliced idli and give a deep fry. Then add oil in a pan, put some mustard seeds, curry leaf and onion into it. Then add friend idli and here your snack is ready to eat.
I tried the croutons, masala chapati, and fried masala idli with left-over foods and suggest you to try these recipes. Recycling of food will save your food from throwing also. So, why not try out these recipes!

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