Do You Know Why Zomato’s New Cheeky Ad Campaign Has Surprised Everyone?

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Hi, readers or my lovely foodie readers!

I know why are you here, must be wondering over a word Zomato! Well, this is not what you are thinking, Zomato is this time in news for the new cheeky and witty creative advertainment campaign that is grabbing every foodie’s attention, and more so even non-foodies are excited too.

Well, many of you have crossed the paths of your city where you have witnessed some cheeky billboards with pop cultural evidence, witty hoardings with Bollywood puns and hilarious rhymes.


The new “MC or BC” campaign (don’t distort it with abusive words) is the abbreviation of their creative thoughts i.e. Mac’n cheese or Butter Chicken. (Tell you what you think first to read the words?)

I know, the world is voting it on the parameter, where some consider it as a clever ad campaign while others take it as an offensive campaign. Now, the turn is yours, have a look at the picture here and decide whether it is the sharp business method or instigating emotions!


Not only MC. BC., Zomato has this too “Acche Din are finally here, Bol Baby Bol, Malai Tikka Roll!, Oonchi Hai Building?”

Here, see this is how  Zomato has Twitter divided over its new cheeky ad campaign:

#Oh Beard Boy Thinks It Cheap!


#Why sexism is alive and kicking? Can you give the answer to it?

#Ohh yee.. its cheap! But what’s not?

#And, his speech is outrageous too!

Thank God, still this kind of people alive on land, who take it in a chill way and have come in support of the ad!

#And, we like your attitude man!

#It is actually funny!

#Claps, claps, and claps, what a kick-ass reply


So what do you think about Zomato’s latest ad campaign? Well, if it is not that good but the truth is, the campaign is actually successful!

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