10 Personalities Of LGBT Community That Can Highly Inspire You

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They Can Fill Your Heart With More Confidence 

I don’t understand why we felt need to give a different name to LGBT as LGBT community. Are they different from us? Don’t they breathe? Don’t they eat? Don’t they talk like us? Then why? They are as normal as we are.

Well! I never have an encounter with any of them but I want to meet them to know how and why they are called different? They are doing great in their respective fields, they are making the career in every field like us, and also making India proud by representing themselves on the international platforms. But as people in society don’t feel any need to know about them and celebrate their achievements, so I decided to introduce to the 10 personalities who are enough inspirational to everyone.

Let’s Know About The 10 Personalities Of LGBT Community That Can Highly Inspire You:

1. Laxmi Narayan Tripathi

Tripathi became the first transgender who represent the Asia Pacific In the UN in 2008. She is a TV personality, excelled in Bharatanatyam dance, a human right activist and highly inspirational to all.

2. A Revathi

Revathi is an activist and a writer by profession. Her first book published in Tamil under name Unarvum Uruvamum (Feelings of the entire body). It was about the real-life stories of the people of her community.

3. Santa Khurai

Khurai hails from Manipur and gained her name as an activist for the hijra community. In an association with All Manipuri Nupi Maanbi Association (AMANA), she works for the well being of her community.

4. Manabi Bandyopadhyay

Manabi surprised with proud her community when she became the first transgender to complete her Ph.D. and later became the principal of Krishnagar Women’s College in June 2015.

5. Anjali Ameer

Ameer had a sex change surgery at the age of 20 years and became an artist after debuting opposite Malayalam superstar Mammootty in a Malayalam film.

6. Vihaan Peethambar

Peethambar is a media personality and an activist who rose fame after becoming India’s Transman.

7. Mona Veronica Campbell

Campbell is the only plus-size transgender model in India. She completed her Ph.D. degree and now is an owner of her makeup label. For designer Wendell Rodricks, Mona also walked at the Lakme Fashion Week 2017.

8. Madhu Kinnar

She is the first transgender to become mayor. She has also won the elections for Raigarh Municipal Corporation and today she needs no introduction.

9. Satya Rai Nagpaul

Nagpaul is a Transman, an Indian cinematographer and an activist who works for the welfare and betterment of the people of his community under  ‘Sampoorna’.

10. Dr. Kalki Subramaniam

She is a writer, entrepreneur, and a transgender rights activist and hails from Tamil Nadu. Facebook has opted her in the list of 12 inspiring women who used Facebook as a medium to develop her community. She has also worked in a film Narthagi.
As I believe ‘Inspiration Has No Face, No Gender, and No Community’, and I am sure after reading this story you too will believe the same. These transgender personalities broke all the stereotype and today have stood to motivate the population to come forward irrespective of their gender, community, caste, creed or color and make their name. A Big Salute To All Of Them.

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