A Pregnant Woman Jumped From Moving Van To Escape Rapists And Died

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“With Humanity, Now Hopes Allegedly Dead”


Rape is a shameful crime that is horrific with no words to describe it. And I thought only “Humanity Hangs Its Head In Shame.” But no…I am wrong and now I realized “Hope Has Brutally Killed With Humanity Too”

In an enraging incident that a 35-year-old pregnant woman jumped out of a moving van to save herself from rapists. The incident took place in Medak district of Telangana on Saturday.

As per the police statement, “the woman was trying to escape the sexual assault of the driver and cleaner of the vehicle, late at night. The victim’s relatives filed a complaint the next afternoon.”


After police released a report it has been cleared that the woman was 7 months pregnant and she was on her way with her 7-year-old daughter to Hyderabad’s village from Kompalli.

The report further made it clarified, “The woman was asked to pay the toll fee at Toopran toll plaza after which the van traveled for a kilometer before the two offenders attempted to rape the woman.”

A victim has jumped off the moving vehicle followed by the culprits seizing her daughter out and bolting the crime scene.

According to the Lingeshwar Rao, Toopran circle inspector, told Hindustan Times, “The daughter was not in a position to tell exactly what had happened inside the vehicle. Going by the closed circuit footage images, she first threw her bag of clothes out before jumping from the vehicle. The driver appeared to have applied the break and then moved again.”

He further added, “Unless we apprehend the driver and the cleaner, we cannot tell what had happened in the vehicle.”


Meanwhile, the daughter of the dead pregnant women has told her father that she saw her mother ‘struggle’ with the two men earlier to jumping out of the van.

Police also revealed about the investigation of this incident, “Based on the complaint by her relatives, we booked a case of suspicious death. If it is proved that she was molested during the investigation, we will add other sections of the IPC (Indian Penal Code) as well.”

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