Shilpa Shinde Winning Hearts in Big Boss, Broke This Twitter Record!

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Yes, we all missed our Angoori Bhabhi after her controversial exit from the show, but this time she is back with a bang in Big Boss 11. Her beautiful screen appearance and healthy entertainment are the reasons why she is ‘Winning Hearts’ on social media.


This year Big Boss 11 has got immense popularity by entertaining people with the ugly fights, love affair and revenge. Where on one hand Hina Khan has almost lost her image of an “Ideal Bahu” and being criticized for her actions, on the other hand, Shilpa Shinde is on her way to win the show, and #winninghearts on social media.

Shilpa Shinde has become the first contestant of all seasons who broke all the records by trending on Twitter with #Shilpawinnignhearts thanks to her fans. The television actress known for her famous character as Angoorti Bhabhi in ‘Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai’ has been entertaining without any negativity and ugly fights. The way she has been performing in the game is flawless and that can make her the winner of Big Boss 11.
Here are the reasons why fans are loving ‘Angoori Bhabhi’ in Big Boss.

Her Entertaining Fight and Patch-up with Vikas Gupta


From the first day, they were fighting due to their professional disputes, Shilpa Shinde took revenge by irritating Vikas Gupta throughout the show. She has been entertaining us with all the madness and emotional statements. Though it might not end here, but the way their hatred turned into friendship and the way they are supporting each other has made the audience love Shilpa Shinde.
Most of the family members might question their friendship, but when Salman Khan justified it no one could say a word.

Always on the screen


From the first day till date, there has not been a single episode, where Shilpa Shinde was not entertaining her fans. Whether in the kitchen, tasks or bedroom fights Shilpa was always there without making any efforts. The way she speaks and supports people inside the house, have people love her personality.

Comparison with Hina Khan


When the season started, almost everyone thought that Hina Khan would be the winner of this show. After all, she has been making people cry for last 8 years in her show ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’. But you can’t hide behind a character especially when there are 150 cameras, covering you 24/7. The real side of Hina shocked her fans, and she is receiving all the hatred on the social media even from her fellow actors. This, made Shilpa Shindey a strong candidate to win the show as she is real, she is positive, and she has never commented on any senior actor. It’s clearly a real vs fake fight between both of them.


No matter if she wins the show or not, we love watching Angoori bhabhi in her real Shilpa Shinde avatar! This is why ‘Shilpa winning Hearts’ has broken all the Twitter records with more than 330k tweets and more to come.
Keep going Bhabhi Ji!


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