Girls! Did You Notice These 10 Things Happen To You After Getting Intimate

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“Happy Effects Girls’ Bodies Feel After Sex”

Hey Folks, I know the headline has already bagged your attention and made you excited to scroll down to have a look at the story. Am I right readers? Yes, I am. But you won’t accept it because Sex, Intimacy, Love-Making, Getting Closer To The Partner is all okay but talking about it, is a big No! However, the one thing I absolutely know is, you are gonna read this story Chupke-Chupke to know whether really there are things that happen to your body after sex.

Yes, there are many Happy Effects of Love-Making that most of us don’t know and even don’t bother to know. But once you get to know about these happy effects, you gonna enjoy your Love-Making like never before. These effects which I am writing about is mostly happening to a Women’s body. So, I should not waste your time, so here you go.

Here Are The 10 Things That Happen To You After Getting Intimate:

1. Love-Making Burns Out More Calories


Guys, you burn out more than 80 calories in just 20 minutes of Love-Making. Isn’t it like a complete workout!

2. Love-Making Keeps Your Heart Healthy


Women who are active in their sexual relationship and do sex 2-3 times in a week reduce the chances of heart attack by 50 percent.

3. Love-Making Releases Hormones Of Happiness


Did you notice after every intimacy time, you feel more happy? It is because your body releases happy hormones and makes women happy.

4. Love-Making Brings Glow On Your Skin


It’s not all the love and the shy glow that make your skin radiant but during love-making session, the flow of blood increases and it makes your skin glowing.

5. Love-Making Makes Nipples Sensitive


During intimacy time, the body secrets various hormones and that is the reason behind the erectness and sensitivity of nipples.

6. Love-Making Increases Breast Size


The increased flow of blood arouses the woman when she is getting closer to her partner and her breast size grows.

7. Love-Making Makes Breast Softer


When a woman gets aroused during sex, her breast becomes firmer and softer but only for that period.

8. Love-Making Gives Body Some More Weight


As I mentioned, body releases happy hormones and these happy hormones result in gain body weight in women.

9. Love-Making Boosts Up Immunity


Love-making period makes people feel healthy and also, those who are sexually active are less prone to fall sick.

10. Love-Making Expands Clitoris And Uterus 


The uterus rises up and the clitoris swells up to make the intimate time more comfortable. But it is limited only to the period.

These are the happy effects Of love-making. The next time before getting closer to your partner make sure to shed all your worries and enjoy that period thinking of its happy effects. So, make yourself comfortable and relaxed in lovemaking time because you are about to get healthy. Have a happy sex, happy effects and a happy relationship.

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