7 Legal Rights of Unmarried Couples In India That Nobody Knows

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Even if you are unmarried, here are the rights you may enjoy!

You aren’t you married? How could you live together? I will call the cops! Give me your parent’s contact number. Or Sir! Please show me your identity proofs to get the room in our hotel. Since you are unmarried, you are required to have two separate rooms. We won’t allow you to stay in the same room. Sorry, sir.

Have you heard these lines before? In case you haven’t then I am sure you have at least aware that if you and your girl gonna live together or ask a hotel room to stay together in your trip, then you will definitely hear these lines.


Welcome, this is our country India where you are prohibited to love someone not having the same religion or caste, you are prohibited to prefer love marriage over arranged one. There are many so-called protectors of the society who will break you if you dare to go against the unwritten rules of the society. And for unmarried couples, there are legal rights that they must follow and are following unaware of the fact that these are not legal rights at all. But they have been asked to follow these rules everywhere, Why? Nobody knows. So, with this story let’s know about the rules which unmarried couples are following but they need not to.

Here are the 7 Legal Rights of Unmarried Couples In India That Nobody Knows:



There is no such law in the country that restricts an unmarried woman to stay in the same hotel room with an unmarried man. Even Hotel Association of India has cleared this myth. So, without any hesitation, you ask for one room.



You are absolutely free to establish a sexual relationship with your partner if you have completed 18-years of age. There is no prohibition to make any sexual relationship with your partner after the permissible age of 18 years. 



You can’t be arrested by the police only on the basis that you are staying with your girl in the same hotel room. There is no such regulation in India that allows cops to arrest an unmarried couple found in a hotel together.



If a couple is live-in-relationship and staying together as a married couple then they will be considered married. The decision has been announced by Supreme Court of India.



As the couple live-in-relationship will be considered married couple then during this period, if the male partner dies, his property will be inherited by his living female partner. 



Those couples who are constantly engaged in sexual relations with each other will be considered married couple irrespective of the fact that they are live-in-relationship or not.



The child born out of the live-in-relationship will be considered legal child and will possess all the legal rights and inherit the property of his father. The Supreme Court of India said that the child born out of prolonged live-in-relationship will be legitimate.


So folks, what do you have to say now? Did you know about these facts? I’m sure most of you don’t. But for now, you are free to demand your actual right. You can deny what you are not legally bound to do.

Happy coupling!


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