Delhi’s Max Hospital Has Shown Its Irresponsible Side And We Should Be Concerned

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Are Private Hospitals Running Business At Cost Of Innocent Lives?

Gorakhpur tragedy and Fortis hospital debacle are the evidence that Healthcare is one of the major issues that we citizens of India face. Let’s agree that we all are dealing with negligence and unfortunately day by day it is getting worse. Faulty prescriptions, private hospitals charging lakhs and crores of money to provide treatment and doctor not looking after their patients properly had led to the growth of disbelief in medical health care. We all are fighting with it and are yet to cover a long way.

Anyway, today I am here to tell you about another unfathomable incident which will shake the trust of believers in the hospital.


Delhi’s Shalimar Bagh area situated Max Hospital move knowingly or unknowingly took two innocent twin lives. The incident took place when Ashish (26) six-month pregnant wife, Varsha was shifted to Max Hospital from a Nursing home.

“I rushed her to the Attam Nursing home in Paschim Vihar. A day later, the nursing home referred Varsha to Max Hospital, where she was admitted around noon,” Ashish told.


The hospital informed him that the two fetuses in his wife womb had only 10-15 percent chances of survival and asked him to bring three injections costing Rs 35,000 and claimed later that the probability of survival had risen to 30 percent.

Later on, the hospital wrongfully declared the premature baby dead and handed over the twin babies in a plastic bag. When babies were taken for burial in a midway the shattered family heard about movement and when checked saw one baby alive. She was immediately taken to the Agarwal Hospital in Pitampura.


The father in the FIR told “Max hospital made a big mistake in not carrying out proper treatment of my babies, declaring them dead while (one was) alive and packing them in a parcel,”

As per the FIR, “The doctors said that if they kept the surviving baby in the nursery, it would cost us around Rs 50 lakh. We were discussing this when the doctors informed me that the baby had died,” Ashish said.


“They handed us both bodies wrapped like a courier package from the back door. After we travelled three Km, we felt a movement in one (bag). We ripped it open, found bits of plastic and the baby inside, breathing.” the grandfather of baby’s said.


Sadly, the girl who was wrongly declared dead by the hospital after fighting for five days died at a private hospital. We have condolences with the family.

Such Incidents really raise the questions on the functioning of private hospitals!!



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